About Me

I am the Social Bee.

I grew up beekeeping so no I didn’t just socialize to be named the Social Bee. I live all over this beautiful province and promote, sell, chat about great local products, including our family’s wines, honey and meads (honey wines).

Born: Brampton, ON

Places I’ve Lived: Brampton, Woodbridge, St. Lazare Quebec, Kanata, Mississauga, Beamsville, Toronto & a short stint in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Sign: Capricorn – As half goat/half fish I love nature and it’s true. When not promoting Rosewood I can be found skiing, swimming, boating, beekeeping or somehow enjoying the beautiful outdoors (or drinking/eating it). They say I’ve got this resilient energy but most times it’s the coffee. I am quite excitable and gullible too.

Education: B.Comm at McMaster University, MBET at University of Waterloo, Wine Exec Program at UC Davis

Dream Vacation: Anywhere in Europe. Half time spent on a beach and the other half in the country visiting farms, chateaux, little towns & unique restaurants.

Go To Wines: White – Riesling. Must be Ontario. Red – Cabernet Franc or Pinot Noir.

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