Wine Wednesday – Meritage with Fish???

Alright we all know red wines (well most) don’t pair well with fish. Due to the combination of tannin and the iron found within red wines, traditionally we’ve been told to STAY AWAY from pairing big rich red wines with fish.

This week I tested the theory.

The 2011 Rosewood Meritage is fruity, soft, and gentle and a great candidate for this theory. My friend, the chef, made cajun catfish, salad with red peppers, squash and mushroom risotto. A great homemade dinner that warmed my heart on a cold evening.

The red peppers and mushroom risotto gave the dish weight and as a result out came the Meritage (blend of 75% Merlot, 25% Cab Franc). Spending less than 8 months in French Oak this wine is perfect for lighter fare, charcuterie and as I was about to test out, Catfish.

Thankfully it wasn’t a total bomb! The fresh fruit from the Merlot and depth of the Cab Franc created quite a nice pairing. It was a bizarre experience and personally quite unusual but my friend was up for the challenge and was also surprised at how the pairing came out.

We observed because the catfish was cajun in style and as a result quite flavourful, the catfish along with the accompaniments gave enough flavour to match the tannins with this wine.

Looking forward to another trial. What do you recommend? Trout and gamay perhaps??? Pinot Noir and tuna? Cool climate Syrah and ……..

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